Hi y’all!

Long time no see! I wanted to post a few updates before but because I’ve been incredibly busy, I simply couldn’t find any time. I hate saying that though, it feels like I am making excuses. And that’s not me anymore, nuh-uh. So let me tell you what I’ve been up to lately.


The biggest change in my life has been starting a new course. I am studying nutrition and dietetics in The Hague to become a dietitian. The first few weeks have been very overwhelming and I have my very first introduction exam this monday. I feel unprepared but I am sure everything will be fine. All the subjects are very interesting and will provide me with loads of information to talk about and use for my own weightloss journey.


After the first week of school I felt this big urge to get back to my weightloss roots and sign up at Weight Watchers again. The last couple of months haven’t been very exciting weight-wise and I really want to kick some butt these last months of 2013. The first week went great and I lost 1,4 kg. But due to exam stress I haven’t tracked any of my food and I feel really bad about that. I am sure I’ve gained some pounds but I refuse to weigh myself (hey, give me a break will ya?). This tuesday though, I’ll get back on the sadle, because I’m on a mission. I want to get below 90 kg’s before the end of the year. And I am going to nail it! The holidays got nothing on me.


And the last important thing I’ve got to share with you is that I’ve got a new job. And according to my mom a new job means we have to celebrate with pastries. I only at half of my pastry so I could save some ProPoints. I used to work as a call agent for an energy company (not the best job ever…) but in October I’ll start my new job at Primark. I am going to be a salesperson at the lingerie department.

As you can tell I’ve got a lot of changes going on in my life. And I haven’t even told you everything! But I will though, starting from now.

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