Weekly weigh-in


Hi y’all,

I know I’ve promised you this update yesterday, but I kinda forgot that I wouldn’t have any access to the internet. I know, who hasn’t got any internet these days right? But heck, I’ve got access now so here it goes!

If you’ve read my summer challenge post you know that I expected to weigh somewhere around 103/102 kilograms. Well, my body has decided to be good to me because yesterday I weighed 100,1 kilograms! Unfortunately it still means I have gained a few pounds compared to a few weeks ago.

It seems like I just can’t break free from weighing around 100 kilograms. Something tells me that it’s probably just a mental thing. I am in my comfort zone right now and I have no idea what will happen once I weigh under 100 kilograms. That’s the whole thing. I am anxious for what the future has got to offer once I’ve reached my goal weight.

Next week I would love to weigh under 99 kilograms. But I am having two weeks off which means that I will go on a few lovely road-trips. And you know what that means! Fast food and snacks everywhere! Hopefully I will be able to find some balance.

Important figures

Start weight: 121 kg’s
Goal weight: 72,5 kg’s

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3 thoughts on “Weekly weigh-in

  1. I think your courageous for putting your weight goals and regular updates. Knowing that people are reading this must give you a little inspiration, and well, the pressure to keep losing the weight must be intense. I’ve started regular exercise so might have to do a lil post of my own this week!

    • Hi Sharlene,

      Thank you so much. I started my weightloss journey around a year ago and first I didn’t want anyone to know how much I weighed. But I figured I need to get over that so I told my family and best friends. And once you get over the shame and talk to everyone about it, it’s not such a big deal. I seriously don’t mind anymore. Unless the boy I like sees it, he’s very athletic so that’s a different story, lol ;). Keeping track of my weight on here gives me indeed a lot of pressure. But in the end you need to do this for yourself, not for your readers. Good luck with the exercise, that’s something I still need to work on. I just can’t seem to do that on a regular basis (I’m a little lazy, haha 😉 ).

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